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  • Updated 2017-01-02
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Healthcare Assistants LIVE IN UK


is a company specializing in the recruitment of health professionals to the UK.


We are currently in the process of selecting and recruiting 20 Geriatric Assistants for Live In Care for the provision of long-term care at the patient's home in the Warwickshire region on the outskirts of Birmingham and Coventry.


The Auxiliar resides in the patient's own home, having to be alert 24 to 24 hours to any eventuality or emergency, but only actively performing his work during 10 hours a day.


As a geriatric assistant, you will play an active role in the well-being of each patient, ensuring their personal care, cleanliness and safety of patients who are in their own home.


Application Requirements:
- EU citizenship
- Proficiency in English, spoken and written
- Motivation to work with this type of patient
- Flexible to work multiple shifts, including weekends
- Previous experience with patients with Cerebral Palsy and Dysphagia
- Age equal or superior to 25 years



Conditions offered:

Permanent Contract;
Schedules continued
Gross monthly salary of 500 pounds per week
Accommodation and food included
28 annual holiday days

If you want to apply for these positions please send us your updated CV and in English