Kitchen Assistant - Care Home - United Kingdom / Northern Ireland

  • United Kingdom
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  • Part time
  • Updated 2018-10-31
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Kitchen Assistant - Care Home - United Kingdom / Northern Ireland

Reach Health Recruitment is a company specializing in recruiting professionals to the UK.

We are in the process of selecting and recruiting Kitchen Assistants for a reputable group of Homes in the UK.

The selection process only passes through 2 interviews:

An initial interview with RHR, and in case of success will be consecutively scheduled the final interview with the employer, by Skype.


Requirements for the application:

Good level of spoken English
Immediate availability
EU Citizenship
Flexibility to work on multiple shifts, including weekends;
Previous experience or training in these or similar functions.

Conditions offered:

Permanent Contract;
Part time
Gross monthly salary of 780 pounds to 870 pounds
20 hours weekly load

If you want to apply for this vacancy, please send updated CV and in English

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